Our name is Encore 2.  We are Sandy Forbes and Mike 'Solo' Pizzi. 

Sandy and I recently found ourselves working together in a band and decided to branch out on our own to form a nostalgic orientated duo performing the songs we (and many others out there) love! 

Sandy is an accomplished vocalist who also plays guitar and is a classically trained flutist. I am a vocalist / keyboardist who was also classically trained (on trumpet).  During our show, we do manage to showcase our classical upbringings on a few songs! 

Our ‘nostalgic’ sound is enhanced utilizing both state of the art MIDI backing tracks and a dedicated MIDI player (not a laptop) commonly used in many top Las Vegas shows.  These tracks allow us to take out the keyboard / guitar parts of a song so we can play our instruments LIVE and sing along with the ‘best band we’ve ever played with!’  The result is an authentic ‘full-band sounding’ show by just two performers! 

Specializing in - but certainly not limited to - 50s to 80s music, we are ready to Rock’n’Roll! 

Enclosed are our promotional materials.  For more information about Encore 2, please visit the website listed below. 

Thanking you in advance! 

Encore 2

Mike 'Solo' Pizzi and Sandy Forbes 


encore-2-intro.doc Introducing Encore 2! 33 KB
encore-2-song-list.docx A sampling of our songlist! 21.3 KB