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Introducing Encore 2

I am delighted to introduce you to my new duo partner, Sandy Forbes, an accomplished vocalist as well as a guitarist and classically trained flutist. 

Sandy and I will still be performing our own solo gigs but have joined forces to add not only another voice and instrument to our acts but have found a special sound that usually takes years of working together to establish.  We are both excited and looking forward to this musical partnership!

Encore 2 has put together an exciting show!  Playing songs you know, getting and keeping our audiences involved and always throwing in some surprises - that's what Encore 2 is all about!  

Our Promo materials can be found by clicking on the Contact page and selecting "Encore 2 Promo Kit" from the dropdown menu.

For inquiries on either the solo or duo act, please call 941-223-6320 or email me via the Contact page. 

Check out the Listen page for song excerpts!


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