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The TriTones

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I am delighted to introduce The TriTones!  A multi-talented trio performing music from the 50s thru the 80s, The TriTones consist of Russ Bracco on drums, Jerry Renna on both bass and 6-string guitars and myself, Mike 'Solo' Pizzi, on keyboards.  The three of us all sing so vocal harmonies abound!  
An offshoot of the Rockin' Dayz band, which we still perform with, The TriTones have expanded our repertoire to include 70s and 80s music.  We've added a little more of an edge to our music and have found a special sound that usually takes years of working together to establish.  We look forward to entertaining and meeting you!

The TriTones have put together an exciting show!  Performing songs you know, keeping our audiences involved and always throwing in some surprises ~ that's what The TriTones are all about!  

Our Promo materials can be found by clicking on the Contact page and selecting "The TriTones Promo Kit" from the dropdown menu.

For inquiries on bookings, please call Jerry at 941-685-8385 or email me via the Contact page. 
Check out the Listen page for song excerpts!

Rockin' Dayz 

Rockin' Dayz

Rockin' Dayz

The Rockin' Dayz band is comprised of 5 accomplished musicians playing music from the 50s to the 70s. 

Located in southwest Florida, we perform at many different types of venues including restaurants, private and public clubs, homeowner associations and private parties. 

Click on the band picture to open the band's webpage where you can view upcoming show information, watch some videos, contact us about booking a show / event or just learn more about the Rockin' Dayz band!

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